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Priority foreign trade exchange.

The BIC coin project is looking for a trading exchange for a token listing (BIC) Our goal, (at this stage) to get listed to a reliable, trusted exchange. We want BIC to be added not for financial gain, but for the sake of promoting blockchain technologies. For the sake of blockchain popularization, we are ready to implement blockchain into existing and new types of business.
The first exchange that agrees to add the BIC coin token for trading will receive some benefits from the BIC coin project on an ongoing basis.
1) Purchase of tokens (BIC) for sponsors
Recommendation to the client to make a purchase on the first external trading exchange.
2) Recommendation for new members to obtain a token address (BIC)
For users participating in promotions (for example, free distribution of coins), it is recommended to obtain a wallet address on the first external trading exchange.
3) Mentions in advertising, to increase trade volumes.
Mention of the exchange in advertisements, news in social networks and media space.

These benefits will become more tangible with the development of the project.

News  13 September, 2019

Receipt of investments in the BIC coin project

Since November 30, the capitalization (BIC) will begin to receive additional investments from the company iDoctor ( this organization is engaged in the repair of mobile equipment in Russia) the amount of investment is$ 100 monthly and for a period of one year (with the possibility of extension). Part of the investment will be directed to improving the media space of the BIC coin project.

News  08 September, 2019

Storage wallet BIC coin.

A multi-currency wallet for storing BIC coin. User-friendly interface, there are functions for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. This wallet is compatible with devices running MacOS / Windows / Linux / iOS / Android.

News 24 Aug 2019

Cryptocurrency coin BIC added to CoinCodex.

News 24 Aug 2019
CoinCodex Is convenient (informative) platform for a complete analysis of its crypto portfolio. You can find out what is happening in the cryptocurrency market at any time. Customize your portfolio by marking your favorite coins. Service CoinCodex collects data from trade exchanges and provides all the information received in real time.

Follow the important information of your favorite assets and news of trading exchanges in the News section. In the interface CoinCodex instantly shows the events that are published in Medium, and Twitter accounts of the developers. Thanks to this feature, you will always be aware of all the events you are interested in coins.

On the Exchanges tab, you can easily select a convenient trading platform. Select from the list the optimal exchange for the best purchase / sale of any asset. In the application CoinCodex displays the price rate and volume for all popular coins. Today, the BIC token coin traded on the exchange wavesplatform. The information of the BIC coin listing on the new trading exchanges will be constantly updated. Follow the news in the app CoinCodex.


BIC coin project

information article
Business Investment Center
This project is aimed at the development of real business using blockchain technologies. Before the project Manager BIC coin (Konstantin Moiseev) has several main tasks. To solve which it is necessary gradually.

First, let me tell you about the BIC coin project in General. What is it intended for and what can it give to humanity?

The main goal of the project is to open real (physical) retail stores selling mobile electronics. Yes, Yes. That's the way. And then the question arises: "what does the blockchain have to do with it?”

Let's understand in order. The founder of the BIC coin project collects investments with the help of a coin (BIC). Further, when a certain level of capitalization is reached, the first trading Department is opened. Acquired premises, purchased shopwindows, cash register equipment, to buy goods and hire employees. There is an opening and launch of the sales Department. And from that moment, this trading Department (and subsequent trading departments) begins to make monthly payments of 40% of net profit to the capitalization of BIC coin. On continuing basis. Thus, the BIC coin project will constantly develop, and the capitalization will increase.

Now back to the question of blockchain. The management of the BIC coin project plans to develop and create a single blockchain base (for registration of purchases and sales) with further integration into commercial facilities. It will allow investors and everyone to see the trade turnover openly. At the same time, the blockchain base gives many more advantages, described in detail in whitepaper.

I will tell you about additional developments, such as the creation of a payment module for popular CMS and a mobile application with the ability to pay in cryptocurrency (for registering sales in the blockchain database) in the next article.

The cost of one coin BIC today is about 1$. It is traded on the Dex wavesplatform. Follow the news on Twitter.
Дата публикации
21 Июля 2019

Added new pair

BIC / BTC currency pair appeared on the Waves DEX exchange Began trading in this pair. 
Volumes are very small — but this is only the beginning. To date, one BIC = 0.000082 satoshi.
Дата публикации
16 Июля 2019

BIC coin на MEDIUM

Криптовалютный проект BIC coin зарегистрирован в (информационной) социальной сети Medium.
Данная площадка выбрана для публикации самых важных новостей о криптовалюте BIC. Будьте в курсе всех событий проекта BIC. 
Дата публикации
15 Июля 2019


Для удобства пользователей создн сервер на информационной платформе DISCORD 
Мы будем стараться давать максимально подробные новости о событиях в проекте BIC coin. Информировать вас о всех ожидающихся обновлениях и листингах но новые биржи.
Дата публикации
14 Июля 2019

BIC coin на бирже Waves

13 Июля 2019 года "BIC coin" начал свои первые торги на криптовалютной бирже Waves . Появились объёмы к валютным парам BIC/ETH и BIC/USD
Не смотря на свои маленькие объёмы торгов, криптовалюта BIC coin планирует выйти на новые торговые площадки. В ближайшее время ожидается появление торговой пары BIC/BTC. Стоимость одной монеты на сегодняшний день составляет приблизительно 1$.