Business Investment Center

Shopping store

Professional store selling mobile electronics. Retail and wholesale of smartphones, tablets and other related products with a high margin. 40% of net profit is monthly transferred to the capitalization of BIC coin.
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Willingness to open 1/100%
Opening will occur after full (100%) financial readiness
The total cost of the object
The price of the object, taking into account the costs of the premises, equipment and goods
Monthly profit 40%
Profit is deducted to BIC coin capitalization monthly

Discovery plan

Buying a retail space.

Purchase of retail space in the city center with convenient access roads and high traffic. Repair and design of the room.

Installation of commercial equipment.

Purchase of professional trade equipment. Installation of showcases and shelving. Connection of online cash desks and related equipment.

Purchase of goods.

First deliveries of marketable products from official suppliers. Filling the nomenclature and putting goods on display windows.

Object Characteristics

The final price of the object


BIC capitalization gain

40% per month of net profit

Number of workplaces


Property location

City center with convenient access roads